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Rick Perry and Cherokee people

15 Sep

From my letter to the New York Times:
Regarding Ms. Collins op-ed: Just because Rick Perry is running a populist campaign with his attacks on social security as a Ponzi scheme, the Federal Reserve and its chairman Ben Bernanke (for more on this, read Richard Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”), Perry has shown he can accomodate to the circumstances with a more moderate immigration policy to appease his demand for cheap labor business base, and if necessary take the right decision on healthcare regarding the HPV vaccine even if makes him take the dirty campaign money from big pharmacy. In short, he may be the right total opportunist our nation needs in 2012.

Noticing the real Americans–our brothers and sisters in Abraham or Adam or the void–the Cherokees and their pure blood thesis of history, as a member of the Disgruntled Peoples’ Coalition, Right On! Everyone knows that black Union soldiers were deployed after the Civil War in “Buffalo Brigades” to exterminate the various tribes on behalf of empire. So turnabout is fair play. Even if it takes 150 years to get even, what’s 150 or even 1500 years in the great scheme of things?